Crowdsourced Verification for Crisis Information

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Large amounts of unverified and often contradictory information often appear on social media following natural disasters. Timely verification of this information can be crucial for coordinating relief efforts. Our goal is to enable and accelerate this verification process by developing, an online platform designed to collectively evaluate the credibility of rapidly crowdsourced evidence.

In 2009, students at MIT identified the correct location of 10 red weather balloons hidden across the entire continental United States without ever leaving their laptops. They found these 10 ballons in just under 9 hours with very little prior preparation. leverages the successful approach used by MIT and applies it to the process of rapidly collecting and evaluating critical evidence during disasters. Instead of looking for weather balloons across an entire country in less than 9 hours, we hope will facilitate the crowdsourced collection of multimedia evidence for individual disasters in under 9 minutes.

Featured in Foreign Policy, New Scientist and MIT Technology Review.

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